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Hosting Visitors From All Over The World

Central Coast Casino (CCC) is probably the smallest casino you have ever seen! We only have two tables... But do not be fooled by our small size. Visitors to CCC feel like locals and locals feel like guests! We have been voted #1 in 12 out of 13 catagories by San Luis Obispo county players including the Best Overall Gaming Experience!

Our average employee has over 9 years of experience. Their backgrounds include working at top casinos such as Binions Horseshoe, Commerce Club and the Bicycle Club.

Small Town Charm - Top Notch Professionalism

Here at CCC you will most likely be greeted by the owner, David Stearns. Before opening the Grover Beach casino in early 1998, Dave spent over ten years in the Los Angeles based casinos working his way up from a dealer, to house player and eventually Casino Manager.

Dave has had the opportunity to work with some of the industry greats including John Sutton, Tracy Edwards and Joel Tonges. Dave carries a reputation of the highest integrity from players and casino employees alike.

Having played poker full time for several years, Davids claim to fame was the 1st place win at the 1995 "Rags to Riches" tournament at the Commerce Club... At that time it was the largest money payout in California history. In 1999, he placed 5th in the World Series of Poker at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas.

David Stearns holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Cal State Univerity Los Angeles. Daves wife, Theresa, had the opportunity to work with Jim Barbo and Ralph Wong from the Commerce Club in Los Angeles. For several years, players considered Theresa as, "One of the top three poker dealers at the club". Theresa now deals part time and works as Central Coast Casinos Hostess. Her cooking is unrivaled and more often than not, she will be cooking for the players. If your timing is right, you can sample some of Theresas mouth watering creations... Complimentary of course!

Game Quality Comes First

At CCC, we strive to be the best in the following areas:

  1. Professional rules and dealing procedures
  2. Top notch equipment
  3. Complimentary items
  4. Creative promotions

Responsible Card Playing

If you feel that you have a problem with gambling, please click this link for help: Problem Gambling
We urge all of our players to never play with money that they cannot afford to lose. When our game is not fun, it is time to go see a movie... It costs a lot less and the poker game will always be here tomorrow. Do not push it when it is not your day. It is the nature of gambling that there will be streaks, both good and bad.

Most important to us is Game Quality. We consider this much more than simply a lot of action. We want our games to be a positive experience for all. We all know that all players cannot win all the time. We strive to keep our games cheerful and recreational even though we offer the highest limits in the area.

Our buy-in requirements for the larger games are five times the standard in the big cities. We do not want players at our casino that cannot afford to play.

Any kind of negative behavior is not tolerated at the table. Part of our mission statement is our employee's manual states, "We prefer to have one game of golden, happy customers than two games of problem customers."

If you can appreciate a game for true ladies and gentlemen; if you can appreciate a winning hand, even if it is your opponents, then come give us a visit... You will be happy that you did. Win, lose, or draw, you'll be treated with courtesy and most likely agree with the SLO county players that voted us, BEST OVERALL GAMING EXPERIENCE.

Grover Beach

359 W. Grand Ave.
Grover Beach, CA 93433



Central Coast Casino

359 W. Grand Ave.
Grover Beach, CA 93433